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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: Beachy Avenue School will effectively educate our students so that they may gain self-confidence to guide their own learning and set goals to achieve success as learners and citizens.


Mission: Embracing our diversity to educate L.A.'s youth, ensure academic achievement and empower tomorrow's leaders. We are Beachy Avenue Elementary School.

Message From the Principal

It is an honor to serve as principal at Beachy Avenue Elementary. I believe in a school community with parents, students, and teachers working together for the benefit of our students' success. Therefore, I welcome all parents as volunteers. I love seeing parents in the Parent Center, the classrooms, and actively participating in school events. Most importantly, the fact that parents work hand in hand with teachers to help our students is what our school is all about. I look forward to a successful school year, one filled with rigorous student learning and fun-filled memories. At Beachy Avenue Elementary I truly believe that we come to school with one main purpose, and that is... TO LEARN!

Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Beachy will be mailing home the LAUSD Parent Engagement Policy, the Beachy School-Parent Compact and the Beachy Parent & Family Engagement Policy the week of November 26th. Please take the time to read these important documents.

Beachy Holiday Performance

Test Scores Are Soaring High

We are very proud of the work and improvements our students have accomplished!

Every day they are working hard to be better than we were yesterday!

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Connect With Computerwisekids from Home

Did you know your child can practice typing fro home? Each student has their own grade key & password.


Click here to practice typing from home  Need a grade key email Computerwisekids at gradekey@computerwisekids.com



January Newsletter

Enero Newsletter

Upcoming Events!

Jan 20 - MLK Holiday, No School

Jan 22 - Lisa to PLC Meeting (8:00am - 10:30am)

Jan 23 - Parent Testing Workshop (8:15am)

Jan 23 - Title I Meeting, Sue out (12:00pm - 3:00pm)

Jan 23 - LSLC ; SSPTS

Jan 24 - Lisa to EPO

Jan 24 - Gate Testing

Jan 24 - Parent Workshop for Kindergarten

Jan 27 - Amy Out PSW PD

Jan 27-31 - Great Kindness Challenge!

Jan 29 - 3rd & 4th Math PD

Jan 29 - Intervention Begins! (Mon, Wed, Fri for 3 weeks)

Jan 29 - Awards Assembly

Jan 31 - Nacho Sale